Kaylabyrinths: A prelude

The hardest and the most difficult thing to do is to start.

Starting something in any various means is objectively grueling. Whether beginning a sentence for your essay, starting to move on from a break-up, down to instigating change is a revolution in the making. Even opening a talk with someone could be excruciating in a level that a response would be obligatory than necessary. You can never tell. As a matter of fact, the creation of an intro about this blog was painfully exhausting for I don’t know what and where exactly to pitch my rhythm. It definitely requires a lexical set of idea to construct a cognitively stimulating entry within a given finite time. But isn’t there a lot of good things about beginnings aside from what is being sheltered about it? If you are able to wake up every single day, then you should be grateful for being alive and for the countless chances to rewrite and continue writing the story of your life. You would then realize that if you ignited something, it will spread like wild-fire. Choose your Genesis. To start is to see things beyond.




I never fancied writing blogs before because for me it is too accessible to the public eyes. Might as well, it is like selling oneself in exchange for a ridicule and possible negative reactions from people attempting to read what I have conveyed. I am quite pessimistic when it comes to publicizing one’s thought to the entire world. The contemporary social media culture made me think of that. Although I fully understood the concept of freedom of expression, sometimes the subjectivity of an opinion could crush souls and scuffle dignity.


A diary had always been the most convenient way for me to pour my heart out and to put into account my thoughts for the day and to recollect the amazing adventures I’ve had in my life. The surge of modernization and technical advancement in this era indeed digitized a human species’ way of living.  Thus, posting your ideas in the internet is somehow a trend these days. An avenue to creatively and technically express oneself. So resist as I might, still, I wanted something new. I want to initialize something on all aspects be invariably growth-provoking.  And so, yes. I am doing a blog right now.


This is a prelude on my blog as I will be posting various set of topics and ideas. May it be quoted poems, favorite lines from books, state of opinions, must-watch movies, places to visit, must-read books and many more that might strengthen our individuality and tickle our artsy impulses.



Lastly, I would like to make a comparison on life to a labyrinth as this is what my blog is named after. Life in so many forms is unpredictable, abysmal,  confusing , intricate and maze-like. You’ll never know what lies around the bend. But you hope that the best does so you keep moving forward and continue discovering something. And I guess that is what life is all about after all, we search for its meaning, purpose and answers. And the great mystery still lingers, life is a continuous loop of possibilities and it gets deeper within the reach of what if’s towards finding the end.



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